Over the past five years, the vehicle shipping industry has exploded in growth thanks to low unemployment and increasing income levels. In 2018 revenues are expected to be in the $11 billion range

There are two common situations when you may need to ship a car. The first is when you are moving and want to bring your vehicle with you to your new home on the other side of the country. 

The other situation is when you buy a vehicle somewhere else in the country. Now you need to ship your new vehicle to you. 

Looking for a shipper can get overwhelming, confusing, and expensive. It doesn’t have to be this way though. 

Using a freight broker can make the whole process easier, faster, and more affordable. Still unsure? Keep reading and we’ll share all of the benefits of using a freight broker for your vehicle shipment. 

Freight Broker Knowledge 

How often have you shipped a vehicle or used freight shipping? Probably not very often. Using a freight broker means you have someone on your side who has experience. 

They can explain what the industry best practices are. This can save you money later on by avoiding making mistakes. 

They can tell you what paperwork you need. There is also the proper procedure for how to prep your car for your shipment.

The carrier will expect the car to be ready to go upon arrival. You could miss your pick up or have to be expensive fees if you are not ready when they arrive. 

Save Time 

If you don’t use a broker, that means you will have to do the work of the broker yourself. Prepare to make a ton of phone calls. 

You’ll need to contact different shipping companies and drivers. Then you’ll have to make sure they are available when you need them, and find out what their pricing is. 

These prices are not firm, so once you narrow down your choices you’ll need to make some more calls. Prepare for a lot of back and forth as you negotiate your rate. 

If you use a broker then they do all of the calling for you. Some brokers that specialize in vehicle shipping can even offer you instant quotes from multiple carriers that you can then compare. 

This turns hours of phone calls into a few minutes and clicks. 

Save Money 

We started to touch on this in the last paragraph. Freight shipping is an interesting industry where you can negotiate the rate you pay for your shipment. 

The catch is, you probably won’t have very strong negotiating power. After all, you have just one shipment. 

In contrast, using a freight broker instantly gives you much more bargaining power. Freight brokers will pre-negotiate rates with carriers.

They can do this based on their volume of shipments. This means lower shipping costs for you. 

One on One Communication 

When you work with a freight broker, you only have to communicate with one person. This makes it easy to develop a rapport and relationship with the broker. 

Doing your shipping yourself means that you will have to communicate with many different people. There is the shipping department, the driver, customer service, and billing when working directly with the carrier. 

Additionally, the freight broker has relationships with many different carriers. That means you talk to one person, and they work their network for you. 

More Carrier Options 

Do you know of all the different vehicle shipping companies out there? Of course not. There is no way you would know of every shipper out there. 

Your freight broker will know the industry and know the options. This means that they could offer a major brand carrier or a smaller independent reliable driver. 

Scam Protection 

Let’s face it, the world is not a nice place. Your freight broker will be able to protect you from unscrupulous shippers

There are scammers out there that will promise you the world while you hand over your money. Then never deliver your car. If they do manage to deliver your vehicle, it’ll be damaged. Then you are stuck with no recourse. 

Your freight broker vets carriers before they start working with them. This means that you can have confidence in your booking through a broker. 

You Have a Partner

Your freight broker is your partner in your shipment. They will look out for your shipment by keeping up with tracking and billing. 

If your shipment gets off track or is going to be late they can let you know. That way you always know where your vehicle is in the transit process. 

Billing and Damage Defense 

No one ever wants anything bad to happen, but unfortunately, sometimes the worst does happen. You’ll be happy you chose a freight broker if the worst happens to you. 

The broker knows how the claims process works with the carrier. They will also fight for you which gives you the best chance for recovery. 

Without the freight broker, you are on your own. Good luck getting the carrier to listen and take your claim seriously or paid on time. 

Book Your Shipment 

When you are looking to ship a vehicle you should consider using a freight broker. This will save you time, money, and headache. 

Your broker will have working relationships with many different carriers. This gives you access to more carriers than you would know, lower rates, and more options. 

Get a quote for your vehicle shipment today!